Rangoli Designs for Diwali 2018

Peacock Rangoli Design for Diwali

Peacock Rangoli Design for Diwali: Peacock is a national bird in India and Important bird in the Indian culture. We know that the peacock looks fantastic and vibrant. They also made broadly as Rangoli, India Peacock Rangoli is quite common on Diwali festival (Indian festival of life) Rangoli is built not just on Diwali as well as on other festivals of India, so the Indians create peacock Rangoli in-house and out of house mostly in entrance of home to a Diwali festival that’s is celebrated at India. Peacock Rangoli can be designed by several ways one by the different types blossoms, leaves and yet another way is from the powder colors to decorate the Rangoli in Diwali some of them maintain Diya (Earthen Lamp) around the Rangoli.

We’ve accumulated beautiful peacock Rangoli patterns from several resources (Pinterest) and added some of these here so it may be accessible to our website visitors to test them and create them onto this Diwali festival in 2018.


Pictures of Beautiful Peacock Rangoli Designs for Diwali: Below are the complete 36 beautiful images of peacock Rangoli patterns depending on the Diwali festival click on the picture to see the image in full size and you can slide to look at all of them one by one quickly.



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