Rangoli Designs for Diwali 2018

Diwali Rangoli with Colors

Diwali Rangoli with Colors: You can create your Rangoli with colors to decorate your house by seeing the pictures designs of Rangoli. These colors for Rangoli are in powdered form, and these colors are readily available in the local market on Diwali festival. Not just the colors powder you could also use the other substances to make Rangoli such as rice, marble dust, sawdust, Rawa, petals, pulses, colored stones, chalk powder these substances are also readily available in the local market. You may also create colors Rangoli outside of the home. How to Make Rangoli? Do not know how to create a Rangoli then have a look at the link provided in the question to develop your Rangoli readily without errors.

We’ve accumulated beautiful peacock Rangoli patterns from several resources (Pinterest) and added some of these here so it may be accessible to our website visitors to test them and create them onto this Diwali festival in 2018.


Pictures of Beautiful Diwali Rangoli with Colors: Below are the complete 36 beautiful images of Diwali Rangoli patterns depending on the Diwali festival click on the picture to see the image in full size and you can slide to look at all of them one by one quickly.


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